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T. S. S. Maunganui 1911 - 1947, Cyrenia   1947 - 1957

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Displacement:     7,527.09 gross, 4,542.1 net tons.

Length over all:     447 feet - 136.2 metres.

Length between perpendiculars:     430 feet, 8 inches - 131.31 metres.

Beam:     55 feet, 7 inches - 16.98 metres.

Depth to promenade deck:     42 feet, 6 inches.

Propulsion: Two sets of Quadruple expansion steam engines developing 650 nautical horsepower (8,500 Indicated Horsepower). Cylinder bores; 24.5, 35.5 50.5 and 73 inches, with a 45 inch stroke and driving twin screws at about 80 r.p.m. Steam at a pressure of 220 lbs p.s.i. was supplied by two double-ended and two single-ended boilers adapted for Howden's system of forced draught. She was converted from coal to oil burning in 1922 and required 258 tons of fuel per day to maintain a speed of 15.4 knots.

Maximum speed:     18+ knots.

Service speed:     16-17 knots.

Port of Registry:     Wellington.

Official Number:     127810

Complement:     136.

           The vessel was divided into nine watertight compartments and equipped with a dozen 28 foot lifeboats, a 30 foot steam launch and two 20 foot dinghies.


499 passenger; 244 saloon (first class), 175 second class and 80 third class, with up to ten berth cabins in third class.  There was seating for 144 in the first class dining saloon, 110 in second class and 58 in third.  The main passenger entrance could be on either the main or upper deck, according to the tide.

The first class dining saloon on the Main deck was more than 50 feet long and extended to the width of the vessel, with seating for 144
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Deck Plans

           The complete set of eight plans are hand drawn in three colour inks on glazed linen and bear the stamp "Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Glasgow."  The scale is 1:96 (1/8" = 1 foot).  The deck arrangement plans bear the Ship Drawing Office numbers L15960 to L15966 inclusive and are all signed and dated on the 7th December, 1911.  The Starboard profile view (Rigging Plan) bears the Ship Drawing Office number L15839 and was signed and dated on the 22nd December, 1911.


Rigging Plan;  overall dimensions: 60" x 21" (1,560 mm. x 535 mm.)

Flying Bridge and House Tops;  overall dimensions: 37" x 14" (940 mm. x 359 mm.)

Boat Deck Arrangement;  overall dimensions: 49 5/8" x 14 3/8" (1,260 mm. x 365 mm.)

Promenade Deck Arrangement;  overall dimensions: 64" x 14 3/8" (1,645 mm. x 365 mm.)

Upper Deck Arrangement;  overall dimensions: 62" x 14" (1,587 mm. x 367 mm.)

Main Deck Arrangement;  overall dimensions: 61" x 14" (1,550 mm. x 367 mm.)

Lower Deck Arrangement;  overall dimensions: 61" x 14" (1,550 mm. x 359 mm.)

Hold Arrangement;  overall dimensions: 61" x 14" (1,550 mm. x 359 mm.)



Original Livery


Quadruple expansion steam engine.


The opulent glass dome which illuminated the music room



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