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T. S. S. Maunganui 1911 - 1947, Cyrenia   1947 - 1957

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With more than seventy vessels in their fleet, the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand grew to be the largest shipping line in the Southern hemisphere and their longest surviving and much admired Maunganui was to provide outstanding service for nearly half a century.  With her excellent sea keeping qualities and the attractiveness of her internal appointments, she soon became a favourite with travellers.  The liner would also prove to be one of the most profitable ships the company ever invested in.

The new vessel was designed for the Company's North American service by Captain Coil McDonald, a former Union Line master who had been appointed Marine Superintendent by the company and was responsible for three of the most successful of all the Union liners; Maunganui, the ill-fated Niagara, and then the Wahine of 1913.  The specifications were exacting and stipulated first-class materials and equipment.



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