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T. S. S. Maunganui 1911 - 1947, Cyrenia   1947 - 1957

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In her later years as the Cyrenia
The Maunganui during World War II as a hospital ship.
The first class lounge, which adjoined the music room. The opulent glass dome which illuminated the music room, the foyer on the Upper deck and the dining saloon on the Main deck.  
The first class dining saloon on the Main deck. It was more than 50 feet long and extended to the width of the vessel, with seating for 144. The first class music room on the Promenade deck.  
Easter on board the S.S. Cyrenia, bound for Australia.  
The New Zealand contingent arriving at Sydney aboard the vessel for the Anzac Day commemorations. The English soccer team arrived at Sydney aboard the ship.
New Zealand Prime Minister, Peter Fraser with Matron Lewis and Captain Whitefield on one of the liner's visits to Port Suez. Berthed at Pago Pago, capital of American Samoa. Captain Arthur Henry Davey (1878-1966)

From Left; chief engineer P. J. G. Ward, captain G. B. Morgan and chief officer F. W. Gibson.  Captain George Morgan D.S.O. would later command the inter-island steamer Rangatira and then the trans-Tasman liner Awatea.

One of her engines.

Being dismantled.
1932 Union Line brochure for voyages to Tahiti Gala dinner menu.


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