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0fficial number: 129043
Displacement:: 547 gross 286 net tons
Length: 165 feet 4inhes
Beam: 28 feet 2 inches
Draft: 11 feet 5inches
Propulsion: Triple expansion steam engine developing 84 ship's horsepower, 500 i.h.p.
Ship's company: 16

1909    Built by Van Vliet and Company of Hardinxveld, the Netherlands for Shipping Investments Ltd, London, (Pile and Company managers).

1909    September    Towed to the United Kingdom and engined by Grey of South Shields.

1909    October    Purchased by Canterbury Steam Shipping Company.

1910    February 3    Arrived at Dunedin.

1910    Returned a gross profit of £3,033

1913    Returned a gross profit of £3,385

1914    August 7    In the morning a harbour defence gun at Fort Jervois on Ripa island fired on the Breeze. The shot fell astern and Captain W. Gordon assumed that a mistake had been made and went on his way.

1914    Returned a gross profit of £2,727

1921    February 9    Collided with s.s. Waverley (157 tons) at Wanganui.

1922    May 27    Stranded in Otago Harbour.

1922    November 11    Broke tail shaft off Moeraki while on a voyage from Lyttelton to Dunedin. Temporarily disabled but reached Oamaru under her own power.

1922    November 12    Towed from Oamaru to Port Chalmers for permanent repairs.

1910    Major refit, during which a freezing plant was fitted and the after hold insulated for carrying N.Z. Refrigerating Company's products from Wanganui and Picton to Wellington for transhipment to overseas vessels.

1927    December 1    Collided with lighter Thistle (97 g.r.t.) at Wanganui.

1928    May 4    Caught fire while on a voyage from Picton to Wanganui.

1928    Went ashore in Little Pigeon Bay on Banks Peninsula. The vessel got away, but her master, Captain Robertson was dismissed for trying to conceal the mishap from the owners.

1928    November 10    Collided with H.M.S. Dunedin at Wellington.

1928    December 5    Collided with the Florence in Queen Charlotte Sound.

1929    July 8    Sprang a leak at Wanganui.

1931    May 5    Stranded at Wanganui.

1931    December 18    Grounded in thick fog on a rock off Port Robinson jetty.

1931    December 19    Re-floated and subsequently declared a constructive total loss and abandoned to the underwriters. Her hull was then stripped and offered to Navy for use as a target.

1932    February 11    Whilst being towed from the inner harbour at Lyttelton by H.M.S.Wakakura, assisted by H.M.S. Laburnum and tug Lyttelton, she broke adrift, going aground in Breeze Bay (formerly Northwest Bay), Lyttelton Heads, where parts of her wreck are still visible.

Below: oil painting of the wreck in the Lyttelton Museum

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