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The Paddle Steamer Antrim of 1868


Length:     82 feet.

Beam:     16.1 feet.

Depth:     7.3 feet.

Draught:     2 feet, 9 inches.

Displacement:     56.96 gross tons; 35.68 net tons.

Construction:     Timber; 2½ inch Red Beech carvel planking in hull the below the waterline.

Propulsion:     Compound engines with inclined cylinders driving direct to wooden-blade paddle-wheels were built by Kincaid and McQueen of Dunedin. Two cylinders, but dimensions unknown; slide valves Stephensons valve motion.

Service speed:     8 knots.

The funnel was originally fitted with a balloon-type spark arrester.


1868     October 28     The Antrim was built by J. W. Robertson and Company at their sawmill at Greenstone on the shore of Lake Wakatipu from March 1868 and launched on October the 28th.

Detail from the 1882 painting by J. Gibb showing the Antrim at the sawmill where she was built.

1869     January 1     Her first trip under steam.

Two stern views

1885     The wood-fired locomotive type boiler was replaced by a coal-fired boiler.

1891     Engines altered to simple type by inserting a sleeve in the low-pressure cylinder.

1894     Fitted with a new locomotive type boiler, it was built by Morgan Cable and Company 0 Port Chalmers, with a working pressure of 110 lb. per square inch.

1905     She was laid up from 1905.

1920     Dismantled from 1920, her boiler and engine are still in use on the Earnslaw's slipway.

Other Lake Wakatipu Steamers

Above: moored at Queenstown are the Railways Department's Lake steamers Antrim of 1868 and on the right, the 108 ton Mountaineer of 1879. Although neither has survived, the Antrim's steam engine and boiler are still in use at the Kinloch slipway and are used to haul the Earnslaw out for her bi-annual survey.

The Twin Screw Steamer Ben Lomond of 1872

The Paddle Steamer Mountaineer of 1879

The Twin Screw Steamer Earnslaw of 1911


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